Union Dry Cleaning Machines: the Best Drying Cleaning Machine for You


  • Union is the largest manufacturer of textile dry cleaning equipment for use with perchloroethylene and all class III-A Solvents such as Hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, and other alternative solvents.
  • You can also choose the best option among various filter configurations, cleaning and drying modules, tandem units, and reclaimers.
  • Union dry cleaning machines comply with all Federal, State, and local regulations set forth by EPA/OSHA and the clean air act.
  • The company has designed all their products with features which will guarantee you the finest cleaning possible at the lowest possible cost.
  • Union provides you with the most professional and prompt service in the dry cleaning industry.
  • High cleaning quality and best performances in energy consumption and ecology.




Our commitment to quality & performance is second to none.

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