Alternative Solvent Machines

K Series

New Possibilities & New Dimensions to Textile Cleaning!

The first line of equipment designed for the SystemK4 Kreussler dry cleaning concept. These machines are optimized to get the best results from the new cleaning system, and can also run any Class III-A solvent. The K Series machines are available in 40 to 90 lb. capacities and utilize a specialized refrigeration system along with a customized air circulation configuration for maximum solvent recovery and quick cycle times, as well as other features.

Union Sets the new standard of cleaning with SYSTEM-K4. The unique advantages are absolutely clear:

  • Excellent cleaning quality.
  • Dermatologically tested skin friendliness with the result “Very Good”.
  • Biodegradable solvent : eco-friendly, preserve nature in a sustainable manner.
  • Increase the safety of your business.
  • Satisfy all legal, environmental and work place regulations.
  • Economical and increased productivity with lower energy expenditure.

Dialog Plus™ Control Panel

Dialog600 Panel Perchloreoethylene Machine

The Brain! It's Indispensable!

Union unleashes "The Brain! Dialog Plus™" - the latest advancement in computerized operation technology for drycleaning. It is standard on every HL 800 Series K System. With Dialog Plus™ run different multiple programs without having to change temperature setting or inverter drive speeds. Once the individual programs are entered Dialog Plus™ automatically remembers the settings for you. The Brain is loaded with amazing, time saving features.

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Microchip Technology


Another reason we call it "The Brain!"

Easy plug-in microchips let you expand the capabilities. It is now possible to upgrade software, download data directly to your PC and copy programs from one machine to another.

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Self-Cleaning Eco-Filters

Filter System

Multiple, independently functioning high-micron self-cleaning spin disc EcoFilters and large-capacity carbon cartridge filters to assure optimum filtration of both large and small particles for maximum solvent purity. Computer controls automatically pair filter operation for whites, darks or colors according to specific program.

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Still Cleaning System with Pneumo Still™


Truly Fast, Smart and Clean

Idromatic™ Still Cleaning System completely removes sludge, then automatically pumps out all residue for containerization and safe disposal.

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Separation System

Optimal Cleaning System

Innovation and Superior Performance

For the K Series drycleaning machines, Union has developed a new patented technology for an optimal drying system. Optimal balance computer controlled cold air temerature and air flow are designed to capture the solvent vapors down to the lowest possible limit, to cut solvent emission and dry the garments perfectly. A new computer designed fridge coil assures best drying performances.

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