Alternative Solvent Machines

NOVA Series

UNION NOVA, Simply Ingenious!

NOVA is an innovative cleaning system incorporating one great idea - bringing together two independent cleaning systems in a single machine; the first for cleaning dark garments and the second for lighter colored and white garments.


  • No Steam
  • No Water
  • Low Power Consumption
  • For use with hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, and other alternative solvents.


NOVA, A Synthesis of Technology and Simplicity.

Dialog Plus™ Control Panel

Dialog Plus Panel Perchloreoethylene Machine

The Brain! It's Indispensable!

Union unleashes "The Brain! Dialog Plus™" - the latest advancement in computerized operation technology for drycleaning. It is standard on every HP & HL 800 Series System. With Dialog Plus™ run different multiple programs without having to change temperature setting or inverter drive speeds. Once the individual programs are entered Dialog Plus™ automatically remembers the settings for you. The Brain is loaded with amazing, time saving features.

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Microchip Technology


Another reason we call it "The Brain!"

Easy plug-in microchips let you expand the capabilities. It is now possible to upgrade software, download data directly to your PC and copy programs from one machine to another.

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Self-Cleaning Eco-Filters

Filter System

Easy Color Separation

The NOVA series features a double circuit for filtering solvent. The first for general purpose and dark garments and the second for light colors and white garments. This way the cleaning quality of white garments is guaranteed making it possible to do a cleaning cycle at any moment since the circuit for whites is completely independent from the dark circuit.

The primary cleaning circuit for dark cloths is made up of a filter system uing nylon material discs together with filter powders specifically for these solvents.

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Still Cleaning System with Pneumo Still™


Ensuring Good Quality Drying

The new drying circuit equipped with a high capacity performance fan is able to ensure a good quality in drying. For maximum protection for the refrigeration unit all NOVA models are fitted with a "Double Air Filter," easily accessed and easily inspected through a practical opening.

The drying tunnel is also fitted with an extra inspection window in order to facilitate maintenance to the refrigeration condenser.

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Wide Loading Door

Perchloreoethylene Machine Seperation System

Optimized for Loading and Unloading

The wide aluminum cast door is fitted with a Dialog Computer controlled lock which does not allow the door to be opend before the cycle is over.

The door opening angle is designed to optimize the loading and unloading of garments. The unique basket design means air volume circulation in the basket is optimized making it easier to control garment tempertures. This allows faster drying and effecient cooling down.

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