Perchloreoethylene Machines

XL & XP 835 Series

The Ideal Drycleaning System

The XL-XP 835 offers considerable reduction to occupied space. Exceptional cleaning, economy and ecological performance is achieved in the XL-XP 835 Series, having 35ilbs of loading capacity, available in a slim, portrait foot-print.

They UNION XL-XP 835's are perfect for continuous distillation cycles. The distillation can be steam fed or the machine alternatively supplied with a built-in mini boiler adequately regenerating the appropriate amount of cleaning solvent before the end of each cycle.

Dialog 600 Control Panel

Dialog600 Panel Perchloreoethylene Machine

Dialog Computer has 20 factory-set programs to manage virtually every need as well as customize on-site to your liking. Updated software keeps accurate, progressive accounts of operation performance and routine maintenance on a time, day, and date basis.

Standard on all 800 Series machines is the Dialog Plus. We're proud to implement the latest computerized technology for drycleaning. You now have flexibility to control individual settings in each program without adjusting the factory's settings.



Filters - Perchloreoethylene Machine

Multiple, independently functioning high-micron self-cleaning spin disc EcoFilters and large-capacity carbon cartridge filters to assure optimum filtration of both large and small particles


Idromatic Still Cleaning


The U2000 Idromaticâ„¢ Still Cleaning System completely removes sludge, then automatically pumps out all residue for containerization and safe disposal.




The U-2000 Systems are equipped with the Recuper. Solvent fumes or odors that may have remained in the system are removed before the basket door can be opened. Helps increase solvent mileage and lowers perc costs


Drying Chamber

Turbo Fan

Newly designed, drying chamber and refrigeration unit saves energy and reduces your operating costs.


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