Wet and Dry Cleaning Machines

IDEAL Series

Union Drycleaning Products, USA is pleased to announce the unveiling of a new model, the Ideal “I-40.”

When choosing to wetclean, the machine provides the precise washing and drying settings. When choosing to dryclean, the system works as you would expect a quality Union product should, using high-flash hydrocarbon or GreenEarth solvent to process garments. In addition, the I-40 can also offer the vigorous washing action required for processing laundry.


  • This machine is the real point of contact between the washing technologies using water and drycleaning technologies using solvent. The operator simply chooses which cycle to use, wetcleaning or drycleaning.
  • Union has opened a new age in cleaning technology with the new Ideal I-40. This machine features two independent cleaning circuits, one for wetcleaning and one for drycleaning.
  • The wetcleaning circuit can be operated as a wetcleaning machine with a specialized humidity control or utilized as a normal laundry washer/dryer.
  • The drycleaning circuit is a closed loop (dry to dry) machine designed for use with hydrocarbon, GreenEarth, and other alternative solvents.
  • The Ideal I-40 is a closed system drycleaning machine equipped with a refrigeration unit and a very efficient heat pump, without exhausting solvent into the atmosphere.
  • The new Ideal I-40 is currently available to process loads in a 40 pound capacity. The system offers operators many features to increase productivity while maintaining an inexpensive cost.


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