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Our clients are the lifeblood of our business and are the very reason why we do what we do. We support them in every way possible, not just at the time of the sale but long after our sales turns over to our service department. We truly stand behind our product and as a company we will always work hard to earn your trust.

Here are some of our clients’ testimonials:

“It was a great pleasure having you at our plant. We appreciate your help in getting us started on the right foot with our new Union NOVA-60. We have not experienced any problems since we switched from our antique Dry Cleaning machine. Actually we really wonder how we did without this new dry to dry machine all these years! Again we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come and help us get started right.”

[Modern Cleaners, INC. – Model: NOVA 60 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Mike Shah
Pensacola, FL

“I noticed that we could get 2 NOVA machines for not much more than the costs of the traditional 80lb hydrocarbon drycleaning machine after you consider the cost and hassle of installation and the cost of both a boiler and a chiller. Also, NOVA is more efficient than the traditional large capacity machine. Installation was much simpler and faster than the traditional drycleaning machine. Another issue was the flexibility of the NOVA, we were able to fit 2 machines into a much smaller space, due to the small footprint.”

[Martinizing Dry Cleaners / Model: NOVA 40 & NOVA 60 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Dan O’Bresky
Plymouth, MN


“I decided to purchase NOVA 40 because it is simple to use and is very efficient because it does not use steam or water.”

[Apparel Cleaners Model: NOVA 40 / Solvent: hydrocarbon ] Frank Choi
Marietta, GA


“I have been incredibly thrilled with the ease of washing and maintenance of this machine. I have noticed the clothing comes out much softer and leaves no solvent smell!”

[Cambrian Plaza Cleaners Model: NOVA 60 / Solvent: hydrocarbon ] John Elwell
San Jose, CA


“We were able to save a great deal of money on installation; the NOVA is by far the easiest machine I have ever installed! The NOVA is a very simple machine to use!”

[Prestige Cleaners Model: NOVA 40 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Gary Harper
Phillipsburg, NJ


“I purchased NOVA to save on my utility bills!”

[Culver Cleaners Model: NOVA 40 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Jee & Hyun Cha
Culver City, CA


“We chose NOVA because it doesn’t need steam, so we didn’t have to upgrade our boiler. The installation was quick and easy, so we were able to get back up and running very quickly.”

[Shores Cleaners, Inc. Model: NOVA 40 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Rick Chatelain
Metairie, LA


“This (NOVA) is the easiest machine I have ever used!”

[Euro Cleaners Model: NOVA 40 / Solvent: hydrocarbon] Sang Hun Oh
Cumming, GA


“I was looking for the “Cadillac” of drycleaning machines. I quickly learned it was Union. These machines are designed so everything is accessible for maintenance. Union engineering has created a machine for longevity.”

[French Way Cleaners Model: (2) L860 U2000 / Solvent: Perc] Mike McBroom
Des Moines, IA


“Throughout my 60 years of drycleaning, I learned to only purchase quality drycleaning machines. My research concluded Union has exceptional filtration, refrigeration and distillation systems. We feel the best feature on our L850 U2000 is the automatic still clean-out.”

[Betty’s Drycleaners Model: L850 U2000 / Solvent: Perc
Betty Shurn
Benton Harbor, MI


“I am impressed with how fast my four L890 U2000 machines dry and they distill even faster. They are loaded with all the options and have great flexibility.”

[Manor Cleaners Model: (4) L890 U2000 / Solvent: Perc] Gino Marchionda
St. Catherines, Ontario


“After one year of faultless service, I knew it was time to buy another machine. Both of my Union machines are very reliable.”

[Freeport Cleaners Model: L790 U2000 L880 U2000 / Solvent: Perc] Dave Tessier
Quincy, MA


“We are a family owned business since 1945. We have tried all solvents (perc, petroleum, CO2) in three different brands of machines. Our L880 U2000 and L890 U2000 drycleaning machines are the finest we have ever purchased. The continuing after service has been excellent!”

[Waldorf-Nevens Cleaners Model: L880 U2000 L890 U2000 / Solvent: Perc] John Zahhos
Edina, MN


“Our L840 U2000 is very versatile and easy to use. We find household items come out cleaner and dryer. We no longer have static, the whites stay white and best of all, no smell.”

[Southpoint Dry Cleaners Model: L840 U2000 /Solvent: Perc] Sukhi Purewal & Anna Udrovic
Surrey, British Columbia


“After extensive research and watching a Union HL860 with GreenEarth solvent, I was overwhelmed with the machine’s simplicity and versatility. The still’s self-cleaning system is one of the best features.”

[East Hills Cleaners Model: HL 860 / Solvent: GreenEarth] Pamela Osborn
Saint Joseph, MO


“I was motivated to buy Union because of their experience with GreenEarth solvent. I bought two HP 850 machines in 2001 and I’m thrilled with the productivity and ease of use.”

[Complete Cleaners Model: (2) HP 850 / Solvent: GreenEarth] John Patterson
Trussville, AL


“We were looking for a heavy duty, quality machine and that was Union. We are very happy with both our HL 840 machine and the cleaning.”

Professional Budget Drycleaners Model: HL 840 /

Lake Oswego, OR
Solvent: Hydrocarbon

Tammy & Tom Pham


“I made the right decision in purchasing 2 Union HL 850 hydrocarbon machines this year. With the 2 independent filtration systems, we are able to rotate from dark to light loads without any worries. The still features a self cleaning system that is fully automatic.”

[Busy Bee Cleaners Model: (2) HL 850 / Solvent: Hydrocarbon] Ian Blackford
Kelowna, British Columbia


“I did a lot of research before purchasing a Union HL860 system. I visited existing Union customers, read testimonials and checked references. I’m happy with my decision.”

[Freeze Drapery Cleaners Model: HL 860 / Solvent: Hydrocarbon] Sam Freeze
Little Rock, AR


“It’s wonderful how well it cleans and handles the different fabrics. I’m impressed with all the cleaning options that were not available with my perc machines I replaced.”

[Ashford Cleaners Model: HL 860 / Solvent: Hydrocarbon] Sam Accardi
Toronto, Ontario