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My garments have a foul odor after cleaning?
Answer: Make sure the solvent is being distilled or filtered properly, clean the water separators and base tanks, also verify that the machine is producing waste water and this water is being drained from the machine and disposed of according to local regulations.

My machine keeps giving me an A4 error?
Answer: Verify the water strainer is clean and the incoming water is below 65F. In some instances the fridge unit could have internal damage and would require a technician to repair the problem.

My pump pressure doesn’t seem correct? Takes longer to fill the drum with solvent.
Answer: Check the button trap drain valve to make sure the valve is seating correctly. If needed call service to clean and inspect the solvent pump.

My hydrocarbon still isn’t cooking the solvent?
Answer: Make sure the vacuum pump strainer ( if equipped) is clean and the valves open for the liquid ring tank. Verify the vacuum is at -950 or below on the gauge, also verify the VC03 steam switch is working properly

My drying doesn’t seem as good as it was in the past? Cycles are taking longer..
Answer: Check the lint filters and replace them if needed, check the refrigeration gauges and make sure they are within spec during the dry cycle, lastly verify that the dry control is functioning correctly.