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Union dry cleaning machine HL860
HLM Series
Product Overview

Exceptional cleaning, economy and ecological performance with high-speed extract with a 35/40/60/90 pound load capacity

The Union HLM-700 of the HLM Series delivers up to 800 rpm vibration free solvent extract for the fastest drying times possible! Multiple, industrial grade hydraulic shock absorbers and heavy-duty steel springs surpass the high G-Force to eliminate machine vibration.  The allows the machine to be installed in difficult locations where foundation problems are present.

Logical, ergonomically designed for convenient, easy access to all components for quick maintenance.



Alternative Solvent Machines

HLM8015, HLM740, HLM760

Dialog Plus™ Control Panel

The Brain! It's Indispensable! Union unleashes "The Brain! Dialog Plus™" - the latest advancement in computerized operation technology for drycleaning. With Dialog Plus™ run different multiple programs without having to change temperature setting or inverter drive speeds. Once the individual programs are entered Dialog Plus™ automatically remembers the settings for you. The Brain is loaded with amazing, time saving features.

Self-Cleaning Eco-Filters

Multiple (optional), independently functioning high-micron self-cleaning spin disc EcoFilters and large-capacity carbon cartridge filters to assure optimum filtration of both large and small particles for maximum solvent purity. Computer controls automatically pair filter operation for whites, darks or colors according to specific program.

Separation System

Innovation and Superior Performance Our high-effeciency, multi-stage inline water/solvent separation system assures maximum solvent quality control and purity. Large sightglass let you visually inspect levels at each stage of the separation process.

Drying Chamber

The Ideal Drycleaning System For All Alternatives! Newly designed, drying chamber and refrigeration unit saves energy and reduces your operating costs.