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HXL8000K Union dry cleaning machine
Product Overview

Exceptional Cleaning, Economic and Ecological Performance Achieved

The UNION HXL & HXP 8000 series are perfect for continuous distillation cycles. The distillation of the HXL8000K dry cleaning machine can be steam fed or the machine alternatively supplied with a built-in mini boiler (optional) adequately regenerating the appropriate amount of cleaning solvent before the end of each cycle. 

This series offers considerable reduction to occupied space while also including the standard UNION innovations and exclusive technical features. These models are equipped with two or three independent solvent tanks with round bottoms, designed to prevent moisture and associated bacteria problems, with a large front facing sight glass.

All models feature the electronic DRYING CONTROL system, & DIALOG Computer with DIALOG PLUS!

Alternative Solvent Machines

HXL8018K, HXL8025K, HXL8032K

Dialog Plus™ Control Panel

The Brain! It's Indispensable! Union unleashes "The Brain! Dialog Plus™" - the latest advancement in computerized operation technology for drycleaning. With Dialog Plus™ run different multiple programs without having to change temperature setting or inverter drive speeds. Once the individual programs are entered Dialog Plus™ automatically remembers the settings for you. The Brain is loaded with amazing, time saving features.

Microchip Technology

Another reason we call it "The Brain!" Easy plug-in microchips let you expand the capabilities. It is now possible to upgrade software, download data directly to your PC and copy programs from one machine to another.

Separation System

Innovation and Superior Performance Our high-effeciency, single-stage inline water/solvent separation system assures maximum solvent quality control and purity. Large sightglass let you visually inspect levels at each stage of the separation process.

Drying Chamber

The Ideal Drycleaning System For All Alternatives! Newly designed, drying chamber and refrigeration unit with (easily removable condensing coil) saves energy and reduces your operating costs.